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The story of someone’s life given to God always interests me.  I want to encourage you to read Charles Lambalika’s life story, “Shame to Honor,” so you may see an ordinary man with an extraordinary hunger to know God as His Father. Not only is Charles transparent about his struggles and experiences on his quest to become a true son, but he also reveals how he overcame the shame most of us seem to carry with us.  This shame that causes us to have an orphan spirit can be transformed to honor and sonship once we have this glorious revelation to call God, our Father. Charles is a friend who I know lives out his walk, his endurance, so to speak, to never give up and then to finally find his rightful place as a child of the most High God.  He inspires you to do the same and exchange your face of shame for a face of honor.

Heidi G. Baker, PhD - Co-Founder and CEO of Iris Global

"Shame to Honor is a very inspiring book that embodies Isaiah 61. This book will teach and show you in a real and simple way the path to salvation, freedom, restoration, redemption, faithfulness, joy, hope, faith, healing, deliverance, fulfilment of promises, destiny, love, and much more.  I have seen first hand the fruit of it in action in Charles’ life, his family, and the ministry he shares with his wife Nicole. I hope everyone on this planet can read this book as it is life changing and will position you on the road to success on earth and the narrow path to Heaven.

Isabel Allum - Forest City Destiny Church 

Charles is a man of faith, fire and integrity… he is a man who stands out in a crowd... marked by the hand of God. His journey is one of success and freedom despite the odds... a journey of life turning out very good because he not only met Jesus and heard his call to minister in the gospel but that he allowed a loving Heavenly Father to love him and heal him from the brokenness in his life that came from having an absent father.

Charles' life story is a testimony of how a life can be transformed even when you would think otherwise! Another testimony of how God takes the little of our life and turns it into something beautiful..

Charles and his lovely wife Nicole and their family not only talk the talk of honour but walk in it! 

Kate & (Duncan) Smith - CATCH THE FIRE

“I have observed Charles Lambalika’s life of inspirational adventure over a period of eighteen years. He is a man of faith, someone who truly loves the Lord. His book, ‘Shame to Honor’ is a life-changing testimony that will inspire you to live a life beyond your limits. If you have known fatherlessness or rejection, this book will help you find your true Father, your Heavenly Father and His heart. It will destroy the ‘orphan-spirit’ and bring you to a healing and empowering place of honor.I pray Charles’ story will inspire, touch and transform you just as it has done for me. I therefore uphold Pastor Charles and recommend that this book be read as an eternal testimony of how God takes an ordinary man and brings him to an extraordinary life.”

Dr Gershom Sikaala-United Nations Good-Will Ambassador

This is a delightfully splendid book with universal application! Charles Lambalika was born and raised in Zambia but his experiences, insights and wisdom can apply equally to anyone from any country or culture.

Starting with the day of his birth (when his entire destiny came very close to being robbed), we see him growing up unsure of his place in an unstable household, betrayed by his biological father, molested by an uncle, and etc. All of which formed him into a confused, ashamed, insecure and angry teen. But then God intervened. At this point, the transformation begins. We see him grow from a zealous teen evangelist into a seasoned, healed man of God who values compassion and love above all else.

This book isn’t only a life story, it’s also filled with practical, Godly wise counsel. Those who apply the pearls of wisdom Lambalika drops page after page, will gain a great advantage, a big edge, in their walk with God and man. They’ll be able to avoid many pitfalls so common to Christian life and ministry.

And there’s yet another great thing about this book: Lambalika is an excellent story teller! I turned page after page because he drew me into his story. I kept wanting to know, “What’s going to happen next?”

Teapot Hugs - INDIA

Charles Lambalika's book, "Shame to Honor," held me captive for the duration of several trips across the United States, with Revival breaking out everywhere, and now on a flight to Israel... every last word... it was easy too important to read it quickly. I wept several times and was taken back by the fact that, in his humility, there was much I never knew.  He, along with his precious wife Nicole, share a truly remarkable story of a God-filled, supernatural lifestyle that will compel you to want more of God's Presence in your life. 

I've known Charles and Nicole for a number of years. I've known their heart for Jesus that has led me time and time again to believe I'm staying with true heroes, unknown to many, but carrying a true humility and passion second to none. Many of the stories in this book I never heard from them, but others have shared some of them with me. They have never sought limelight, and I guess that is what I love so much about them. Their kindness, hospitality, and genuine desire to see the Kingdom of God released in the lives of everyone endears many to them. Their kids too, carry a unique humility, love, and joy that marked my own kids for Jesus in a powerful way. 

This book reflects an authenticity of walking with God from the frustration, to the miraculous. The chapter that deals with the three supernatural childbirth experiences of Nicole carries a value far beyond childbirth into so many realms of living and partaking of the miraculous. (Every woman definitely needs to read this chapters).  Charles' journey from orphan to son led me to tears as I realized the authority he is already carrying to a generation that will increase as he walks as a spiritual father to many. 

My must read booklist just shifted after reading this amazing book to bring this book to the attention of many, because it will surely carry many on the journey from Shame to Honor. It's the radical knowing that servants the world over beg for God to do something, but sons (and daughters) command because they have crossed a threshold into those who re-present what it was that Jesus intended us to carry and release in the first place... something filled with both joy and reality, power and character. Thanks Charles (and Nicole) I loved it!

Danny Steyne - Mountain Of Worship (MOW) USA

Charles Lambalika is a dear friend and as I read this book I could not help but think his life is something of a living parable. From ‘Shame to Honor’ is the theme song of Charles’ life. Carrying a deep orphan wound he encountered his heavenly Father and found identity and security in the arms of a loving Father. But then the unthinkable happened; he was marvellously restored to his natural father and was able to show him the heart of his heavenly Father. This is an epic story of redemption and Charles tells the story in a way that highlights numerous powerful life lessons on the journey from orphanhood all the way home to the Father heart of God. You will be greatly impacted by Charles’ story of redemption and the invitation to come home to a perfect Father who loves you back to wholeness and honor.

Phil Mason - Spiritual Director

Tribe, Byron Bay, Australia 


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